Our Objectives

1. What is the HPNW?
The Heather Park community standing together against crime
Blocks within Heather Park
Voluntarily working and communicating with SAPS and the Armed Response Operators to manage a swift, co-ordinated and EFFECTIVE security network
Observe – communicate – co-ordinate via any method of communication.

2. Why do we need a HPNW?
To decrease the current unacceptably high crime rate
To create safe neighbourhoods for everyone to enjoy
To better assist SAPS
Armed Response Operators need ‘eyes and ears’ to apprehend criminals
We need people on the ground to assist SAPS ‘tracking’, ‘arresting’ and ‘prosecuting’
In the event of accidents and natural disasters HPNW can communicate with emergency services swiftly.

3. What legal liabilities are involved?
No legal liability to State or the HPNW structure
Totally voluntary
Members have the same powers as the normal citizen on the street
Members have the right to make citizen’s arrest like any other person
Members have the right to action against trespassers on own property/neighbour’s property.

4. What is expected from Members?
Primarily observation
No arrests or chasing after suspects; leave this to the trained professionals
If and when arresting a suspect, use only reasonable force
Performing duties only in Heather Park
Duties can include patrols by means of vehicles, bicycle, foot, etc.
To secure a crime scene or render basic first aid
Your time is invaluable! Volunteering to be trained for HPNW tasks such as Management, Accounting, Administration, Project Co-Ordination, Patrolling
Concerned about crime but can do none of the above? Donate money!
Get your neighbours involved
MAIN MISSION: effective communication between residents and security / emergency services personnel.

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